• Subba Marellapudi ~ MBA , PMP
    “Thanks for sharing your experiences and your thoughts through this book, Aruna. I am truly inspired and am enthusiastic to live my life with energy and positivity. This book has flown positive energy in me and I am sure it will do the same to everyone who reads it. I am sure every immigrant and non-immigrant will be able to relate to your experiences and thereby connect with you making this world a better place with love and peace.”
    Subba Marellapudi ~ MBA , PMP
    Management Consultant , SAP Risk Systems Functional Lead at KPMG LLP
  • Sreedevi Joshi ~ Principal Engineer
    “This book takes you through a roller coaster of emotions as you laugh and cry along with Aruna’s experiences which she narrates with utmost honesty and uncanny precision. The title truly fits, as the book shows the journey of a shy caterpillar coming from its cocoon to a beautiful butterfly, free of worries and bringing joy and peace to everyone it comes in contact with. The insights shared as she went through her spiritual transformation will inspire a common person to not get depressed by the difficult situations faced in life; but to overcome them and mold them as stepping stones for success. Her journey as a single mom gives confidence and inspiration to many others going through similar situations. This book is a very honest and inspiring read and easy to connect with!”
    Sreedevi Joshi ~ Principal Engineer
    LSI Corp, Allentown PA.
  • Sudheer Kumar Dundigalla
    “In this virgin attempt, the author reflects on her life, in all its dimensions and discovers the true meaning and purpose of relationships that all human beings go through. She vividly describes the role each one of her dear ones played in her life and concludes that if we endeavor to become master of our minds and captain of our hearts we can overcome any sort of hurdles and achieve anything in our lives in any sphere of human activity. I wish her success.”
    Sudheer Kumar Dundigalla
    Director, Care College of Pharmacy, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Narayana Reddy Thouda
    “My first word when I read this book was ‘WOW, Aruna.’The content has a great balance of emotions and reality. It is very thought provoking and makes you understand the essence of love in anyone’s life. This book includes many ideas to convert the negative energy in any human-being into a positive one. I really like the reflections and principles laid out at the end of each chapter. This book has something for everyone, either to learn or to practice. It is full of great food!! Food for your mind and for your body (recipes included).”
    Narayana Reddy Thouda
    Senior Manager ~ SAP Technology, Energy Future Holdings, Dallas TX
  • Gail Bolden
    “When Aruna came to the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System in 2005, no one could have suspected that she had fought against a life-threatening illness and won. Aruna was so poised and graceful; it would be hard to imagine that she had lead anything but the most pampered life as a daughter and wife. We were wrong in that assumption. She faced her personal problems with strength and wisdom far beyond her years. What courage it took for her to face the uncertainty of her challenges in a country so far from her home and family. Although young in years, she has the wisdom of someone thrice her age. Each day she faces challenges that few of us will ever know. As chronicled in this book, Aruna demonstrates what the soul of a person can bear and still rise above. It is indeed a privilege to know her. I feel very humble in her presence, and strive to be one-tenth of the person she is.”
    Gail Bolden
    Deputy Director, Arkansas Teacher Retirement System
  • Kuchelarao Akkina
    “After reading Butterfly: Journey from My Cocoon I am touched by your life’s happenings especially health issues, dealing with married life and raising child as a single mom and your views on life/developing positive attitude. I appreciate the courage and frankness in expressing your life. This book may even help others that are in similar situation and give them strength and show ways to develop positive thinking for moving on with life. Good luck to you and your little one. God Bless!”
    Kuchelarao Akkina
    Director, Customer Service. Customer Service Manager and Project Portfolio Manager at SAIC
  • George Hopkins
    “I have had many opportunities to work with and observe Aruna’s life and interaction with others. Aruna is a comforting person who is selfless and focused on helping those around her. When she is hurting, she bears that burden with grace. Aruna is constantly building others up and never tearing anyone down. She always has great faith and spirituality as she faces a life problem. She has proven to me that a gentle person can be strong at the same time and do so with dignity and grace. My life will always be better for having worked with Aruna. She is a fine lady in all the right ways.”
    George Hopkins
    Director of Arkansas Teacher Retirement System
  • Dora Potluri
    “Indian history is replete with individuals succeeding against all odds. I am fortunate to know such a person up close, Aruna Chinta. I have witnessed her transform from a shy girl to an amazing public speaker, poised with confidence to take on any challenge she encounters. Aided by her strong will and determination, she not only accepted the challenges life threw at her, but emerged stronger than before. This book not only offers a glimpse at her own journey, but suggests a blueprint for others to keep hopeful during challenging times.”
    Dora Potluri
    Technical Consultant