Some of My Interests and Passions
  • Relationships are what I count the most. I am blessed with wonderful parents, siblings, nieces, nephews… and an absolutely amazing son. My friends and colleagues are always there for me with support and bonding that I give my thanks for every single day.
  • I have a passion for the simple joys of life. Writing makes me happy and fulfilled — yoga makes me soulful and frisky. Singing makes me feel alive and transports me to another plane.
  • Green Juice is the secret my energy! Nothing invigorates me like fresh fruits, veggies, and wholesome foods.
  • I am not a gregarious person, but thoroughly enjoy the company of nice, warm, enthusiastic, joyful and passionate people.
  • Basking in nice-warm sunshine, walking in nature are few of my favorites.
  • My daily rituals include chanting affirmations, singing a gratitude song, meditating, walking, and journaling.
  • Writing helps me in many ways – brings clarity to my thoughts, make me feel good, be thankful to many little blessings of everyday life.
  • My Prayer: Holy Spirit, Let me go and fill me in!
  • I love myself!
  • Raising my son, who is teaching me more about life than I’d ever imagine anyone could, is the most gratifying experience of my life. He is my music teacher, art teacher, basketball coach, first and foremost spiritual teacher, and helps me learn and grow in amazing new ways every single day.
  • I like to draw and paint. I brag about it to family and friends. The picture in the below quote is my drawing too J
  • We are whole and loving beings. What could be a better way to fulfill our purpose than sharing love — and being love itself.

 This is a custom wakeup song created for me by Dyingseed at Fiverr