The Book Butterfly: Journey from My Cocoon is the inspirational story of a young woman given a second chance at life after being diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening illness. The life of Aruna Chinta, as told in her own words, is a classic human journey which mingles the physical and the spiritual mysteries of life into a profound tapestry of personal growth and realization.

A native of India, Aruna migrated to the United States to pursue her master’s degree in computer science. She would soon marry, but less than 2 years after her wedding Aruna was diagnosed with Idiopathic Myelofibrosis, a rare bone marrow disease, at a young age of twenty-six.

Her hopes and dreams became a sudden fight for survival, but thanks to the loving support of her family and the special care of Dr. Robert Collins, Aruna would make a full and miraculous recovery — after a steep climb back to good health. The time of healing and patience offered an opportunity for self-reflection and life’s biggest questions — which would lead her to great discoveries about herself and a newfound perspective on life itself.

Several years later Aruna faced yet another great challenge: getting divorced while her son was not even 1 year old. As a single mother in a foreign country, she needed to summon all of the strength and courage she had learned from her previous challenges in life to get through these difficult times.

Today, Aruna looks back with deep appreciation for all of life’s gifts, particularly those not asked for — but simply given. She values her personal experience as her destiny, one which offers growth, clarity, and true identity. This book Butterfly details Aruna’s transformational journey from a shy and timid young girl into a joyful, fulfilled and purposeful woman. Set into motion by a brush with death, this existential account of the human spirit personifies life’s mysteries and the special role we play in the awakening of purpose, discoveries of ultimate peace, and the higher planes of consciousness — abundant with love, joy, serenity and bliss.

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Table of Contents

Part 1: My Brush with Death
Part 2: My Marriage
Part 3: Spiritual Transformation
Part 4: Raising My Son
Final Thoughts
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