Why is “Tough Times Never Last” so significant to me? My Dad used to say, “It’s only God who brought you back into the world, when you were at the gates of death…”

My father’s words resonate with me every day that I spend in what I believe is a second life — a second chance to live, find hope and discover meaning here on earth among the wonderful beings we cherish and share it with.

I believe in what my father said, and that God stepped in and brought me back to the world. Nothing short of a miracle allows me to write these words. The prayers of my dear and loving family, friends, and of myself, were answered. Today, my life is brighter than ever, and with the blessings of the divine I seek to grant the light I have been given to the lives of others.

I want to thank my family and friends from the bottom of my heart, for their courageous support in times of blinding darkness, fear and hope. I want to thank my doctor, Dr. Robert Collins, for his knowledge of and devotion to medicine and the people it serves — for his purpose is truly a touch of the divine. I want to thank author Dr. Robert Schuller for his inspiring creations which have affected me deeply through invaluable words such as “Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do,” and “Life is Not Fair, But God is Always Good.”

I would like to thank God, for allowing me the experience of living, through easy times and through hard times, so that I may discover a purpose for it, that I may be inspired to live each day as if it were a life within itself, and behold its power and the incredible magic hidden within every moment.

Please see my book, Butterfly: Journey from My Cocoon. Within its pages is the story of my life and so much more: the search for clarity and purpose brought on by danger and mortality; a spiritual rebirth inspired by divine mysteries and inevitable destiny. Today, my journey continues as I seek to inspire others by sharing my personal experiences with my book and day-to-day reflections in my blog. The positive feedback, inspiration and touching expressions offered by kind people from all walks of life encourages me to continue sharing my thoughts and feelings with the world around me, in the hopes that you may find value which in some way, shape or form affects your life in a positive way.

Bless You!

Praise for Butterfly: Journey from My Cocoon and Aruna Chinta

“Thanks for sharing your experiences and your thoughts through this book, Aruna. I am truly inspired and am enthusiastic to live my life with energy and positivity. This book has flown positive energy in me and I am sure it will do the same to everyone who reads it. I am sure every immigrant and non-immigrant will be able to relate to your experiences and thereby connect with you making this world a better place with love and peace.”

Subba Marellapudi ~ MBA , PMP
Management Consultant , SAP Risk Systems Functional
Lead at KPMG LLP

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